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vaatamisi: 278I didn't have a nice jack for the work so I had to use something else :). I raised the transmission whit my hands and knees.55555
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Broken new style sensor holdervaatamisi: 425I broke mine because when I removed sensor I didnt know/see the cylinder around the sensor that stayed in. Sow when i removed my cluch bellhousing using force I managed to broke the sensor holder.11111
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vaatamisi: 258Machine shop machined the groov so I was abel to install the stopper ring to hold balljoint lower plate. I have to put the a-arm back to the car then I can test how this machined groov holds the stoppr ring.00000
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vaatamisi: 214RTS-SA plastic pushing and ballpin. Ball has diameter of 25 mm. Aluminium a-arm original balljoint ball diameter is 27 mm.00000
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vaatamisi: 206RTS-SA look the shape of balljoint "pocket".00000
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vaatamisi: 213RTS -SA balljoint manufactured in Spain. Suits for steel a-arms. Same as LMI but different manufacturer and different engineering. You can see from the picture that this balljoint has also only one bushing (black plastic) and outer diameter 28 mm. Bushing shape doesn't mach the aluminum a-arm "pocket".00000
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vaatamisi: 202LMI taken apart. Upper rubber protection suits for aluminum a-arm also but balljoint ball diameter is 25 mm. Original ball has diameter 27mm. Aluminium arm uses two bushings but from the picture you can see that this balljoint has only one bushing (white plastic). Bushings outer shape is similar to the aluminium a-arm "pocket" but alumium a-arm bushing should have diameter 30 mm but this balljoint bushing has outer diameter 28 mm.00000
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vaatamisi: 203Lemfrder = LMI balljoint cut open from bottom.00000
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